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It is glad to know you are here, Englinesians!

Englinesian is built for you who want to learn bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian). I provide Lesson that hosts resources for grammar learning, Resource that is filled with a lot of authentic resources written in bahasa Indonesia and Blog that contains author's personal point of view which is all posted impromptu.

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About Englinesian

Englinesian is a term that describes those whose native language is not bahasa Indonesia and want to learn it. So, it refers to the people using the language instead of the language. The term is derived from words English and Indonesia that is based on philosophy that English is used as the instructional language to learn bahasa Indonesia.

About Admin

This web is maintained by an Indonesian who studies English Education. The story behind the idea of Englinesian is that I need an English environment to train my reflexibility and flexibility in using English since I live in an environment where English is set as foreign language. Englinesian is my artificial environment that encourages me to use English. Please contribute to this site by letting me know if you find mispronounced word, ungrammatical structure, or other kinds of errors. You may post the correction through comments. I am not a professional teacher of bahasa Indonesia but you can learn bahasa Indonesia in a more natural way.