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How to be Polite in Indonesia

Indonesia hosts hundreds and even thousands races, vernaculars, and cultural values. Among those variations, we hold cultural values which are universal. This post discusses some simple tips to be polite in Indonesia. When practicing these, no matter wherever you are in Indonesia, people will predicate you as polite person.

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Foreigners' Acceptable Errors when Speaking Bahasa Indonesia

This post is about what I experienced when I talked to foreigners in bahasa Indonesia. Many of them said that bahasa Indonesia is quite easy to learn. However, in my personal point of view, it is rather difficult since there are so many grammar rules that are acceptable but unexplainable.

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English in Indonesia

Broadly speaking, English is an international language which is mainly spoken in the domain of education, business, and other sectors. English is also regarded essential by Indonesian. It is learned in secondary school and in some semesters in university level.

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Learn Indonesian through Songs: You Are What You Hear!

All languages are possible be learned trough songs. When I was in senior high school, my English teacher played some classic songs in his class. He firstly played the song then the students were required to write down the lyric. If nothing could be catched, the teacher allowed us to guess the words. Read more

Requirements You should Meet in Getting Your First Indonesian Driving License

If you plan to stay in Indonesia for long period of time, you may need your Indonesian driving license to support your mobility. Unfortunately, foreigners are subject to little bit complicated requirements. In page you are reading right now, you will be discovering all the requirements.

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Dealing with Makassar's Traffic

Makassar is the capital of South Sulawesi (Sulawesi Selatan). It is located at the center of Indonesia, in the south part of a big island which looks like letter 'k'. Since it is capital city, you can expect much on its facilities and infrastructures. What about the traffic? Should you know about that? Of course you should.

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How to Learn Bahasa Indonesia

After publishing a blogpost entitled "Tricky Technique in Learning Bahasa Indonesia", in this opportunity, I would like to tell you the shortcut in learning bahasa Indonesia that focuses on the technical strategies.

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