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Dealing with Makassar's Traffic

Makassar is the capital of South Sulawesi (Sulawesi Selatan). It is located at the center of Indonesia, in the south part of a big island which looks like letter 'k'. Since it is capital city, you can expect much on its facilities and infrastructures. What about the traffic? Should you know about that? Of course you should.

Like almost all big cities in the world, traffic in Makassar is terrible, especially in the rush hours - in the morning and afternoon. Unfortunately in Makassar, almost nothing can be expected from public transportation. The best way to move around the city is by walking. But, Makassarese does not like walking. The locals hate the temperature which is around 32 to 35 degrees Celsius.

The common temperature makes walking become unideal. This city has only two seasons and none wants to walk under both the angry sun and under the rain. Consequently, the roads are full of vehicles and machines which make the temperature becomes worse. That's why the traffic in Makassar is so terrible.

I myself do hate the traffic but Makassar is still a good city to live that hosts friendly people. Although the traffic is extremely terrible, I still love Makassar. Here are some tips that I commonly practice in dealing with the traffic.

#1 Coffee Shop

In the morning, I usually leaves my house at 6. The traffic at this hour is still normal. You can still run your car around 30km/h. If you ride motorcycle, around 40km/h is possible. When you are late 30 minutes, be ready for the traffic.

In the aftrnoon, I usually visit coffee shop as a tricky ways to avoid the jammed traffic. Makassar has thousands coffee shops. A glass of coffee only takes for about Rp. 10.000 to Rp. 20.000 and it can be enjoyed in 2 - 3 hours. This is what I usually do. Sitting with my iPad or laptop with a glass of coffee with me. While sitting, I usually read some academic journals or ebooks. After reading, I write 2 or 3 articles to be posted on my blog. Being productive to avoid the traffic sounds better.

#2 Shopping Mall

There are at least 9 shopping malls in Makassar which is good for people who hate to be jammed in terrible traffic. For some people, it is better to find something in the shopping mall rather than waiting the traffic to become normal. If you are jammed in traffic and want to escape from it, take your smart-phone and find the nearest shopping mall on maps. What can you do in shopping mall?


Every shopping mall in Makassar has bookstore. It is commonly located at the highest floor of the shopping mall. If you are lost, you need to learn how to ask where the bookstore is located. Englinesian has some ready-to-use expressions that helps you deal wit it. You can prefer learning some survival expressions in bahasa Indonesia, or survival expressions in bahasa Makassar and Toraja. I myself enjoy reading 1 or 2 books while waiting the traffic jam. If I have little money in my wallet, I would opt to list some titles in my "must-have books".


Do not ask whether shopping mall in Makassar has eatery or not since you have already known the answer. Yes, eatery is everywhere. If you are a bit hungry, visiting eatery is the most wise solution for you. You can try some local foods such as Coto Makassar, Pallu Basa, or Pallu Mara. If you are vegetarian, eatery in Makassar is also vegetarian-friendly. There will be some interesting choices for you listed on the menu.

Online Transportation

If you are stuck in the traffic, you can prefer book a ride on Gojek or Grab Bike. This way is very helpful to escape from the jammed traffic. Just take your smart-phone, download application namely Gojek or Grab, then book a ride there. It will take you faster than you can expect since the riders are all experienced. They know some shortcuts to get you arrived at your destination in-time.


If it is in the afternoon, I would find a save place to park my car and then go walking. I always have my running shoes ready and some shirts hanging inside my car. It is nice to have my body healthy while others are stuck inside their cars. Sometimes, it is better to go home by walking than waiting for the traffic inside my car.

I write this blog-post while waiting the jammed traffic. Are you reading this while waiting for the traffic to be normal?