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Dengue Fever Attacks Indonesia

February always be one of the worst months. Indonesia is now entering the transition period of rainy season to summer. In this period, dengue fever always haunts people.

If you are in Indonesia between January to March, be aware of dengue fever. Indonesia has only 2 seasons - summer and rainy. The transition period is always scary. In almost all tropical countries, dengue fever attacks in this period.

Dengue fever has 3 phases. In the first phase, the sufferer will experience high fever for about 2 until 7 days. After the first phase, the sufferer will recover from his fever but this is the most critical phase. The sufferer generally thinks that he has fully recovered but not. The virus works by damaging blood vessels. The last phase is the same with the first phase. If the sufferer can successfully recover from critical phase, the third phase will not be so torturous.

Then, what should you do to avoid the worst effect?

Drink as much mineral water as you can! You should clean your body from virus by thinning your blood. I have experienced dengue fever twice. The first was about 15 years ago. The second is when I type this post. Right after I knew I suffered dengue fever to now - it's been 3 days long - I have drunk more than 25 liters of mineral water.