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Estimated Cost of Living in Indonesia

Talking about cost of living in Indonesia might be difficult since it is different for each city. Then, it will depend on in which city do you want to live in. However, in this post is only the estimation. These can be useful to give you mental figures about budget that you will spend. The price range is estimated for living in big cities such as in Jakarta, Surabaya, Semarang, Medan, and Makassar. In the east parts of Indonesia, you should double or triple the estimation.


Estimated Lower Price (Rupiah) Estimated Highest Price (Rupiah)
Renting a furnished house 13.000.000 (annually) 20.000.000 (anually)
Renting a furnished room 1.500.000 (monthly) 2.500.000 (monthly)
Hotel 350.000 (per-night) 2.000.000 (per-night)


Estimated Lowest Price (Rupiah) Estimated Highest Price (Rupiah)
KFC 120.000 (2 persons) 200.000 (2 persons)
Pizza 80.000 250.000
Local food 12.000 (a portion) 50.000 (a portion)


Estimated Lowest Price (Rupiah) Estimated Highest Price (Rupiah)
Jeans 250.000 500.000
Shirt 150.000 300.000
Batik 100.000 300.000
Shoes 200.000 1.000.000