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How Expensive is Makassar, Indonesia?

Makassar is the capital of South Sulawesi. This 199 km square city hosts many tourist attractions such as Benteng Somba Opu, Fort Rotterdam, Losari Beach, and Khayangan Island. This crowded city also hosts many hotels that serve you good. This post figures out how expensive Makassar, Indonesia is.


If you want to stay only in a few days, hotel might be the place to stay. The middle-class hotel room costs you about Rp. 350.000 - Rp. 450.000 but it depends on the location. If you are around the downtown, it might be more expensive. In the outskirt, it must be cheaper. If you want to make sure of it, you can check the reservation online. If you are a backpacker and you want the cheaper, you may rent a furnished room that costs you only about Rp. 100.000 - Rp. 150.000 per-night.


The most favourite transportation in Makassar is online transportation. The most preferred are Grab and Gojek. Both are available in the App Store for iOS and Google Play Store for Android. Both are the same with Uber taxi which is popular in UK. Don't be surprized that the taxi looks like a private car with no any sign. However, they are safe. If you really prefer this option instead of walking, be well-prepared with basic bahasa Indonesia.


Food in Makassar is diverse. There are a lot of KFC restaurants and Pizza. Italian and Japanese restaurants are also available here. Each mentioned previously will cost you more than Rp. 100.000. If you want cheaper food, you may try local culinary such as Coto Makassar and Pallubasa which are only around Rp. 25.000.