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Indonesia: The Most Beautiful Country in Asia

Rough Guides has just released its polling result about world's most beautiful country. Indonesia is placed at 6th rank after South Africa, Italy, New Zealand, Canada, and Scotland. You (really!) should visit Indonesia!

Rough Guides1, in February 2019, released its polling entitled "The Most Beautiful Country in the World - As Voted By You". Indonesia is proudly placed at the 6th position in the world and becomes the first in Asia.

It does not surprising at all because Indonesia has everything. In Rough Guides' evidence, only 3 places were explicitly stated - Bali, Lombok, and Borneo. In fact, Indonesia has thousands worth exploring spots.

...Indonesia is considered to be very attractive because it has 17,508 islands from west to east which have an extraordinary diversity of flora and fauna... -Instagram @jokowi

Indonesia president, Joko Widodo, on his Instagram (@jokowi) proudly stated Indonesia as a world-class tourist destination.