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Learn Indonesian through Songs: You Are What You Hear!

All languages are possible be learned trough songs. When I was in senior high school, my English teacher played some classic songs in his class. He firstly played the song then the students were required to write down the lyric. If nothing could be catched, the teacher allowed us to guess the words. After that, the teacher invited some of us to read aloud what we had written. At the end of the session, the teacher displayed us the lyric. For me, it was fun activity in learning a language. In my opinion, my English teacher has successfully engaged us and involved us into a setting where we could have real contact with English as our target language.

Although songs are commonly written in less-formal language form, but that is great because we know how the language is used in real life. In this blog-post, I will give you a list of Indonesian songs that you can listen to familiarize yourself with bahasa Indonesia.

Almost all songs nowadays are written in less formal language form - especially bands which are fronted by adolescents. Since there are too many choices, I will pick up some whose the lyrics are learnable and pronounced clearly.

#8 Naif - Karena Kamu Cuma Satu

#7 Krisdayanti - Mencintaimu

#6 Krisdayanti - Menghitung Hari

#5 Jamrud - Pelangi Dimatamu

#4 Drive - Bersama Bintang

#3 Endank Soekamti - Sampai Jumpa

#2 Superman is Dead - Jadilah Legenda

#1 Budi Do Re Mi - Asmara Nusantara

Vocabulary Enhancement through Songs

Although songs are commonly written in less-formal - and in many cases, with poetic language, but at least they provide you real examples of how words are pronounced in daily use. This is great because thing you need to become fluent is input. The more you get, the more you produce. Consequently, you will be more capable and flexible in using the language.

Grammar Lesson Provided in Songs

Learning the grammar of any language through songs are not recommended. However, all lines on the lyrics must be pragmatically acceptable. Therefore, listening to music might be a wise choice to learn bahasa Indonesia. You can opt this strategy to obtain the sense of each word contained in the songs you listen to. Consequently, you will be intuitively able to produce the acceptable grammar of the language you learn.