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Pancasila: Indonesia Philosophical Foundation

Have you heard about Pancasila? It contains 5 sacred points that rule how we should live in Indonesia. The sacredness of Pancasila has invited many leaders from all over the world to learn about Pancasila. What is it about?

Pancasila is derived from 2 words - panca which means five and sila that means principal. Pancasila terminologically means 5 grounded principals.

#1 Believe in the one and only God

This is the first principal that Indonesians should obey. “Believe in one and only God” refers to the necessity to believe in God. Indonesia recognizes 6 religions and all believers live their lifes in harmony. In Indonesia, there is no place for Atheist. If Atheist exists, he must be an individual person whose his ID card contains information about his religion.

#2 A just and civilized humanity

Justice and civilization are highly emphasized in this principal. That all Indonesians should respect each other. It emphasizes that human beings are all the same - they have heart that will be broken if it is hurted. So that, humanity should be prioritize over all things.

#3 A Unified Indonesia

This principal emphasizes the unity of all Indonesians that consit of thousands vernaculars, ethnicity, and cultures. Although we are all physically different - but we are one. Wherever one comes from, he is Indonesian. This point is the manifestation of nationalism.

#4 Democracy led by the wisdom of the representatives of the Indonesians

This point is the manifestation of democracy in which every decision should be based on “Musyawarah” (discussion) to generate “Mufakat” (agreement). Every behalf should be for common interest.

#5 Social justice for all Indonesians

Indonesia guarantees its citizens’ social justice. We are all socially the same then there is no place for racism and discrimination. Rich and poor are the same. Both have the equal rights to live in Indonesia.