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Podcast Bahasa Indonesia: Formal or Less Formal?

Learning bahasa Indonesa through podcast is a wise way to get yourself fluent. Thing you need more is only input and then practicing what you have obtained. Listening - with noticing - to Indonesian who speaks Indonesian will improve your pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammatical knowledge. As the time goes by, you will be more familiar with your target language. As the impact, you will be able to automatically produce the language.

Your language production depends on the time you invest to be in contact with your target language. This is the first rule that a language learner should understand. To be able to produce any language, listening with noticing has been announced in many 'how to learn a language' books as an effective approach. This can be manifested through listening to podcast.

Podcast is simply defined as episodic series of digital audio files that the listener can download and listen to. This is a smart way to obtain audio input of any language you want to learn. The most logical reason to this is that podcast enables you to learn while jogging, walking, and sitting on the bus or train. Thing you need is just putting your earphones and listen to every sentence that the podcaster say.

In 2018, there are hundreds Indonesian podcasters over the internet. You can choose some of them who deliver their podcast episodes with clear pronounciation. After listening to some Indonesian podcasters - chosen randomly - I found that most of them delivered their podcast episodes with colloquial Indonesian. This can be good news for you because they show how Indonesian is used in daily life. If you prefer this, you can simply hit "podcast bahasa Indonesia" on Google.

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To listen to more formal language, you can listen to podcasts that deliver news. This kind of podcast is usually recorded by using professional devices that bring you high-quality audio. Furthermore, transcripts are usually available. If you prefer this, BBC Indonesia and VOA Indonesia are the most famous in this domain.