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Religious Harmony in Indonesia

Indonesia officially recognizes 6 religions - Islam, Protestan, Catholic, Hindu, Buddha, and Kong Hu Chu. All believers live in harmony without harassment. If any, situation soon would be better by the active intervention of government.

Majority of Indonesians are Muslim. Data obtained from Central Bureau of Statistics in 2010 showed that percentage of Muslim in Indonesia is 87.2%, Christian is 6.9%, Catholic is 2.9%, Hidu is 1.7%, Buddha is 0.7%, and Konghucu is 0.05% from 236.4 million as total population.

Religion Percentage Absolute Number (in million)
Islam 87.2 207.2
Christian 6.9 16.5
Catholic 2.9 6.9
Hindu 1.7 4.0
Buddha .7 1.7
Konghucu .05 .1

Indonesian government has successfully provide us condition in which we can live our life without harassment - especially relating to freedom in believing and practicing any religion. It is ruled under Article 28E paragraph (1) of the 1945 Constitution that says:

Everyone is free to embrace religion and worship according to his religion, choose education and teaching, choose a job, choose citizenship, choose a place to live in the territory of the country and leave it, and has the right to return.

First point of Indonesian philosophical foundation, Pancasila, also guarantees that.

Believe in the One and only God

The manifestation of religious harmony can be seen in each 1 Syawal where Muslims celebrate Ied, December 25th where Christians celebrate christmas, when Hindu celebrate Nyepi, Vesak or Wesak for Buddhists, and Chinese New Year. All important days mentioned must be national holiday which means Indonesia respects all kinds of religions and believers.

Another example is when Ied, Christians guard in Mosque to make sure Muslims celebrate their important day - vice versa. After Ied prayer, Muslims will open their house to everyone, including Christians, Hindu, Buddhists, and Chinese. In Christmas, Christians do the same thing. They will invite everyone, no matter what their religion is, to come. When people tolerate others, it feels like ‘we are in heaven’. The world had better learn from Indonesians regarding how to tolerate others.