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Takapala Waterfall: Explore The Beauty of South Sulawesi

Have you just arrived in Makassar? Why don't you explore Takapala Waterfall? It is only about 90KMs from Hasanuddin International Airport. To get there, do not ever think about public transportation. The better way to get there is by renting a private car which costs you about Rp. 300.000 for one day.

Takapala Waterfall is located in Gowa district - about 77KMs way from city center of Makassar. It is precisely located near Malino, Gowa district. Malino itself is one of the best highlands in South Sulawesi.

In this place, you will be served by the locals. There are many rent houses available in this spot. However, the rent houses are not as decent as hotel but this is the only one option left for you if you want to explore the beauty of Takapala Waterfall.

To satisfy your eyes and brain in Takapala waterfall, you just need to pay Rp. 3.000 for one person. If you go with a rent car, there will be extra cost for parking which is only Rp. 5.000.

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Around 300 meters before Takapala waterfall, you will find another interesting waterfall namely Ketemu Jodoh waterfall. After visiting these spots, you are suggested to move for about 20 KMs away from Takapala Waterfall. You may decide to see beautiful view in Malino such as pine forest and Lembanna after visiting this spot. Before enjoying Malino pine forest, you may order some glasses of coffee and eat some food across the street.

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