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3 Websites to Learn Indonesian

The role of input in language learning is crucial. If we look at the second language acquisition (SLA) theory proposed by Krashen, it can be inferred that a language learner should priorotize what is known as comprehensible input in order to succeed the language learning. Learning Indonesian is little bit difficult if it is compared with English since Indonesian is not that popular which in turn leads to lack of learning resources. In this post are 3 useful Indonesian websites that offer greater input for you who want to learn Indonesian.

#1 Kompasiana

Kompasiana can be said as a kind of blogging platform suprvised by Kompas media - one of great media in Indonesia. This platform enables its users to register and write about certain topics or themes. Only verified members are allowed to write and once they finish writing, the editor will verify the word use as well as the grammar before it is published.

It is a good news for you who want to learn Indonesia since the contents are all written by native Indonesian. Besides, the grammar and word use are also verified. This emphasizes that contents you read are grammatically correct and pragmatically accepted.

#2 Detik

Detik is also great to be used to gain input. It applies almost similar system with the previous platform. Thing that makes it different is contents on Detik can only be read partially. To read the complete articles, you should direct yourself into the main source where the article you read is firstly published by clicking a link provided on each article page. Accessing this platform will lead you to abundant inputs, especially to vocabulary and sentence structure.

#3 Englinesian

As explained on its homepage that Englinesian is especially built and maintained to teach you Indonesian, then this web is very useful for you who want to learn Indonesian. You can request whatever topic you want to learn and topic you request will be discussed in one or two posts. Englinesian offers the learning of bahasa Indonesia including grammar - from basic to advanced - and culture. Besides, it also hosts short story to let you gain as many inputs as possible. You can access it for free at not charge. In the future, podcast feature will be available.