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Application Letter in Bahasa Indonesia

This lesson aims at informing how to write application letter in bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian). If you are wondering how, this lesson is for you.

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Subject - Verb Agreement

Howdy, Englinesians?! Subject and verb agreement is the first topic that I firstly taught when I learned English. Then, you should have it too in learning bahasa Indonesia. Let’s have a learn.

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Howdy, Englinesians? In this lesson, you will learn the numbers and how to say them in bahasa Indonesia. It is very important for you whether you are charged to learn it in school/university or you want to travel to Indonesia, this lesson will be very useful, especially in dealing with case that requires you to use them such as case that deals with money. Read more

Parts of Speech bahasa Indonesia - Overview

Many agree that word is considered as the smallest elements which contains distinctive meanings. In learning any foreign language, parts of speech is usually set as the first topic. Words are classified based on their function in a line or sentence. In bahasa Indonesia,

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World Country Names in Bahasa Indonesia

Most of the world country names are similar both in written and spoken form. However, bahasa Indonesia has its own world country names. Here they are.

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Thank You in Indonesian Vernaculars

Thank you is an expression that is commonly expressed in every country. In bahasa Indonesia, people have some expressions that are usually spoken. Given the fact that most Indonesians use vernaculars (local language) in their daily interaction, it is better for you to at least recognize how to say the magic spell called thank you in various vernaculars in order to make your existence become more acceptable.

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Consonant Cluster Bahasa Indonesia

This lesson is aimed at explaining consonant clusters of bahasa Indonesia. Consonant cluster refers to consonant sounds that are in-line (word).

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