Your Partner in Learning Bahasa Indonesia


Bahasa Indonesia recognizes universal latin alphabet as English does and it does not recognize any special letter. The main significant difference is only on how each is pronounced. In this lesson, Englinesian attaches a podcast eposide that you can hear on the go to learn how to pronounce alphabet in bahasa Indonesia.

alphabet sound as in
a 'a hour, jump, but
b be bell, belt
c ce check
d de delicious
e é , ɛ else, melt, web
ə the red, a book
f ef effort
g ge get
h ha hard, aha
i 'i in, ill, break
j je jelly
k ka calm
l el else
m em empty
n en energy
o 'o ok
p pe pen
q ki q
r er error
s es escalator
t te ten
u 'u urgent
v ve vendor, venue
w we went, when, where
x eks x-ray
y ye yellow
z zet zeta

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