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Application Letter in Bahasa Indonesia

This lesson aims at informing how to write application letter in bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian). If you are wondering how, this lesson is for you.

Application letter (also known as a letter of application and cover letter) is specifically written to apply for a job. It is characterized by its form as well as structure which is formal. Along with it, it commonly attaches individual personal data and records on one's abilities and experiences.

Form and Structure

Generally, application letter written in bahasa Indonesia follows the below's form and structure.

City, Day Month Year

"City, Day Month Year" is placed on the top right. City refers to the place (city or district) where you write the letter. The date should be written in such form "Day Month Year" such as "Makassar, 10 November 2018".

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Kepada yth.

"Kepada yth." is placed on top left under "City, Day Month Year". It stands for Kepada yang terhormat. When writing it, it should be abbreviated "Kepada yth.". This is the most common form of application letter in bahasa Indonesia.

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Following the previous, you should write the person or position that your application letter is addressed to. You might write either name or position or both. It should be followed by the name of company or institution where you will apply your job to.

Dengan hormat,

Before composing your introductory paragraph, you should write Dengan hormat,.

Introductory Paragraph

There are various forms of introductory paragraphs. Here are some of them.

First example

Berdasarkan informasi yang tertera di media eletronik dan cetak perihal lowongan pekerjaan pada perusahaan yang Bapak/Ibu pimpin, saya bermaksud mengajukan diri untuk melamar posisi tersebut. Saya yang bertanda tangan dibawah ini:

Second example

Sehubungan dengan dibukanya lowongan pada perusahaan yang Bapak/Ibu pimpin, melalui surat lamaran ini, saya yang bertanda tangan dibawah ini:

Personal Information

The most common form of personal information in application letter is respectively:

  1. Name
  2. Place, date of birth
  3. Gender
  4. Education
  5. Address
  6. Phone number
  7. email (if necessary)

Each should be written in a line with indent increased.


Here are some examples of closing paragraphs.

First example

Demikian surat lamaran ini saya buat dengan sebenar-benarnya. Besar harapan saya agar kiranya Bapak/Ibu dapat mempertimbangkan surat lamaran ini untuk dapat dimasukkan pada tahap berikutnya. Terima kasih.

Second example

Demikian surat lamaran ini saya buat dengan sebenar-benarnya. Atas kebijaksanaan Bapak/Ibu, saya haturkan banyak terima kasih.

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