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Formal Letter in Bahasa Indonesia

Have you ever read a formal letter in bahasa Indonesia? Does it look strange? In this lesson, I will let you learn its components and see the example as well. In bahasa Indonesia, we name it "surat resmi" or "surat formal".

Formal letter in bahasa Indonesia, at least, consists of 7 main parts.

Heading - Kop Surat

It respectively consists of institution, address, and contact. They are placed at the top-center. Below them, a line is usually appears. Institution is usually written in uppercase, address is written in uppercase for initial letter, and contact is written in similar form with English.

Place, Date - Tempat, Tanggal

Place in this case refers to city where the formal letter is issued. Right after the place, you should give a comma followed by date. The date is written by respectively mentioning the date, month, and year (without comma). For example: "6 Juli 2018".

Letter Number, Purposes, and Attachment - Nomor Surat, Hal, dan Lampiran

Nomor surat refers to the number or serial of the letter in an archive, purposes explain the aim of the letter, and attachment refers to additional documents attached with the letter. In some cases, a formal letter should inform to whom the letter is send (carbon copy/courtesy copy).

Formal Greetings - Salam Formal

In bahasa Indonesia, formal letter usually uses formal greetings "Dengan hormat,". The phrase should be written one line with a comma.

Contents - Isi Surat

The contents are sometimes written in straight to the point paragraphs where each only informs 1 or 2 ideas. If the letter intends to inform an agenda, then the information are written in numberings which inform:

  1. Day, date
  2. Place/venue
  3. Time

Closing - Penutup

In the closing statement, words "Terima Kasih" (thank you) should be inserted to appreciate the receiver.

Sender Identity - Identitas Pengirim

This part usually consists of 2 or 3 sub-parts. Each sub-part should consist of position, signature, and name (one line for each). The first sub-part is placed on the left, the second sub-part is placed on the right, and the third sub-part is placed on the bottom-center. The first, second, and third sub-parts should form a reversed-triangle.

Courtesy Copy - Tembusan

The courtesy copy (cc), written in numberings, informs to whom the letter is also sent.