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How to Express your Condolences in Indonesian

In this lesson, I outline some popular condolence expressions that Indonesians usually say and send to someone who has just lost someone he/she loves. At the end of this lesson, you are expected to be able to fluently express your condolences in bahasa Indonesia.

There are many expressions or sentences that Indonesians generally use in expressing condolences in bahasa Indonesia. Expressions or sentences for this kind of situation are commonly expressed by using standard language which are fixed and rigid.

You can either express it in a simple sentence or some sentences. In Indonesian culture, Indonesian tends to express their condolence in 1 to 3 sentences. Here are some basic face-to-face condolence expressions that you can send to someone who has just lost someone.

DUKA CITA Turut berduka cita
Saya turut berduka cita
Saya dan keluarga turut berduka cita
BELASUNGKAWA Turut berbelasungkawa
Saya turut berbelasungkawa
Saya dan keluarga turut berbelasungkawa
KEHILANGAN Saya turut merasa kehilangan almarhum (if the one who dies is a man) / almarhumah (if the one who dies is a woman)

If you are close to someone who has lost his/her family, you might prefer expressing your condolences in a more complicated sentences. This kinds of condolences are commonly delivered through short message - not in a spoken form. Therefore, you can consult to list of sentences below.

DUKA CITA Saya turut berduka cita atas kepergian almarhum/almarhumah. Semoga engkau dan segenap keluarga yang ditinggalkan diberikan ketabahan dalam menghadapi ujian ini.
BELASUNGKAWA Saya turut berbelasungkawa atas apa yang telah terjadi. Saya percaya bahwa almarhum/almarhumah adalah orang yang baik. Semoga ia ditempatkan di surga terbaik.
KEHILANGAN Saya merasa sangat kehilangan almarhum/almarhumah. Beliau adalah orang yang sangat baik dan bijaksana. Saya tahu ini sangat sulit. Namun, semua telah ditetapkan oleh-Nya. Semoga keluarga almarhum/almarhumah senantiasa diberikan ketabahan dalam menjalani hari-hari tanpa almarhum/almarhumah.