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Months of The Year in Bahasa Indonesia

In this lesson, you will be learning how to say months of the year in bahasa Indonesia. After writing Days of the Week, you are suggested to learn this. If you have not learned that, simply click the link.

English Bahasa Indonesia Syllable Abbreviation
January Januari Ja-nu-wa-ri Jan.
February Februari Feb-ru-wa-ri Feb.
March Maret Ma-ret Mar.
April April Ap-ril Apr.
May Mei Mey Mei
June Juni Ju-ni Jun.
July Juli Ju-li Jul.
August Agustus A-gus-tus Ags./Agu.
September September Sep-tem-ber Sep.
October Oktober Ok-to-ber Okt.
November November No-vem-ber Nov.
December Desember De-sem-ber Des.