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Howdy, Englinesians? In this lesson, you will learn the numbers and how to say them in bahasa Indonesia. It is very important for you whether you are charged to learn it in school/university or you want to travel to Indonesia, this lesson will be very useful, especially in dealing with case that requires you to use them such as case that deals with money.


On the table below are basic or single numbers that you should recognize.

Number Nomor Syllable
zero nol nol
one satu sa-tu
two dua du-wa
three tiga ti-ga
four empat em-pat
five lima li-ma
six enam e-nam
seven tujuh tu-juh
eight delapan de-la-pan
nine sembilan sem-bi-lan
Number Nomor Syllable
ten sepuluh se-pu-luh


For numbers after eleven and before twenty, you should mention the number above followed by "belas". Two digit numbers preceded by “1” is called "belasan".

Numbers Nomor Syllable
eleven sebelas se-be-las
twelve dua belas du-wa be-las
thirteen tiga belas ti-ga be-las
fourteen empat belas em-pat be-las
fifteen lima belas li-ma be-las
sixteen enam belas e-nam be-las
seventeen tujuh belas tu-juh be-las
eighteen delapan belas de-la-pan be-las
nineteen sembilan belas sem-bi-lan be-las


For numbers in the range 20 to 99, use "puluh". Two digit numbers preceded by “2” to “9” is called "puluhan".

Number Nomor Syllable
twenty dua puluh du-wa pu-luh
twenty one dua puluh satu du-wa pu-luh sa-tu
twenty two dua puluh dua du-wa pu-luh du-wa
twenty three dua puluh tiga du-wa pu-luh ti-ga
thirty tiga puluh ti-ga pu-luh
thirty one tiga puluh satu ti-ga pu-luh sa-tu
thirty two tiga puluh dua ti-ga pu-luh du-wa
thirty three tiga puluh tiga ti-ga pu-luh ti-ga
forty empat puluh em-pat pu-luh
forty one empat puluh satu em-pat pu-luh sa-tu
forty two empat puluh dua em-pat pu-luh du-wa
forty three empat puluh tiga em-pat pu-luh ti-ga
fifty lima puluh li-ma pu-luh
sixty enam puluh e-nam pu-luh
seventy tujuh puluh tu-juh pu-luh
eighty delapan puluh de-la-pan pu-luh
ninety sembilan puluh sem-bi-lan pu-luh


To spell three digit numbers (hundreds), you should use ratus.

Number Nomor Syllable
100 seratus se-ra-tus
101 seratus satu se-ra-tus sa-tu
120 seratus dua puluh se-ra-tus du-wa pu-luh
159 seratus lima puluh sembilan se-ra-tus li-ma pu-luh sem-bi-lan
200 dua ratus du-wa ra-tus
300 tiga ratus ti-ga ra-tus
400 empat ratus
500 lima ratus
600 enam ratus
700 tujuh ratus
800 delapan ratus
900 sembilan ratus
999 sembilan ratus sembilan puluh sembilan sem-bi-lan ra-tus sem-bi-lan pu-luh sem-bi-lan


For four digit numbers and above, bahasa Indonesia uses full stop instead of comma in written form. To spell them, use ribu.

Number Nomor Syllable
1.000 seribu se-ri-bu
2.000 dua ribu
2.300 dua ribu tiga ratus
2.825 dua ribu delapan ratus dua puluh lima
3.000 tiga ribu
4.000 empat ribu
5.000 lima ribu
6.000 enam ribu
7.000 tujuh ribu
8.000 delapan ribu
9.000 sembilan ribu
9.999 sembilan ribu sembilan ratus sembilan puluh sembilan
Number Nomor Syllable
10.000 sepuluh ribu se-pu-luh ri-bu
11.000 sebelas ribu
12.000 dua belas ribu
13.000 tiga belas ribu
13.679 tiga belas ribu enam ratus tujuh puluh sembilan
99.000 sembilan puluh sembilan ribu
Numbers Nomor
100.000 seratus ribu
200.000 dua ratus ribu
375.629 tiga ratus tujuh puluh lima ribu enam ratus dua puluh sembilan


Number Nomor
1.000.000 satu juta
2.000.000 dua juta
3.679.824 tiga juta enam ratus tujuh puluh sembilan ribu delapan ratus dua puluh empat


Number Nomor Syllable
1.000.000 satu milyar sa-tu mil-yar
2.000.000 dua milyar
3.502.765 tiga milyar lima ratus dua juta tujuh ratus enam puluh lima


Number Nomor Syllable satu trilyun sa-tu tril-yun dua trilyun
3.759.624.982 tiga trilyun tujuh ratus lima pulih sembilan milyar enam ratus dua puluh empat juta sembilan ratus delapan puluh dua

Quiz - Numbers

After learning this lesson, would you help me spell the following numbers in bahasa Indonesia, Englinesians?

Number Nomor
1.325.291 ???
19.000.764 ???
9.091.484.753 ???

Check you answer on my Youtube video lesson.