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Self Introduction in Bahasa Indonesia

When you firstly meet someone, introduction must be the first thing you prepare, both in formal and in informal meeting. This lesson will be explaining how to deal with self introduction in bahasa Indonesia.

Common Information Included

There are some cultural points that make Indonesia different with other countries. In its relation to introduction, Indonesians tend to mention their age, marital status, weight, and children which are uncommonly mentioned by non-Indonesians. If you ever visited Indonesia, you might had been asked questions such as "how old are you?", "are you married?", do you have boy/girlfriend?", and other private questions like those. Be calm! It is common in Indonesia.

Then, what information that you should include in your self introduction?


Name of course is the first. If you are in a formal meeting, mentioning your complete name is a must. But, if you are in informal situation, you can simply mention your nickname. Some of my close friends do not even know my complete name. Name is usually mentioned while hand-shaking. Here are some expressions that you can use to introduce your name in bahasa Indonesia.

Introduce, my name is "Mike" Perkenalkan, nama saya Mike Perkenalkan, saya Mike
My name is "Mike" Nama saya Mike Saya Mike
Hello, my name is "Mike" Halo, nama saya Mike Halo, saya Mike
Hi, I am "Mike" Hai, nama saya "Mike" Hai, saya Mike


Second information you should mention is your origin. If you are foreigners, you can mention country you are from. Since Indonesia hosts thousands cultures, races, and vernaculars, they can be identified by the city/district they are from. Here are some expressions for informing your origin.

I am from United States of America Saya berasal dari Amerika Serikat Saya dari Amerika
Asal saya dari Amerika
I am American Saya orang Amerika

(Read World Country Names to deal with your origin)


It is forbidden to ask someone's age in many countries. But in Indonesia, be ready to be ask this kind of question. People tend to be close with their peers - those who are similar with them. If you are older, then they will talk and behave with full of respect. But if you are younger, they will talk and behave more natural. Here are some expressions to tell your age.

I am 30 years old Saya berusia 30 tahun Usia saya 30 (tahun)
Saya berumur 30 tahun Umur saya 30 (tahun)

(Read Numbers to deal with your age)


Psychologically, this information is intended to tell your partners about how they should behave around you and what topics that you are interested to talk about. Here are some expressions that you can use.

My hobby is "reading" Hobi saya adalah membaca Hobi saya membaca
I love/like "reading" Saya suka/senang membaca


This is also very important. If you do not mention your address, then people will ask you "where do you live in this city?" to remind you that you forget an essential information that you should include in an introduction. Here are some expressions that you can simply use.

I live at "Makassar Street" Saya berdomisili di jalan Makassar Saya tinggal di jalan Makassar

You have learned how to introduce yourself and what information that you should include in an introduction. Now is the time practicing all the expressions given. Would you?!