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Telling The Time in bahasa Indonesia

In telling the time in bahasa Indonesia, there are only few terms that you should recognize. In this lesson, you will learn how to tell the time in bahasa Indonesia.

Telling the time in bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) is 'as easy as pie'. In this lesson, I give you easy tricks to be fluent in telling the time in Indonesian. There are only five (5) terms that you should recognize. First, you just need to look at the below table.

5.00 jam/pukul lima tepat jam/pukul lima pas
5.15 jam/pukul lima lewat lima belas jam/pukul lima seperempat
5.30 jam/pukul lima lewat tiga puluh menit jam/pukul setengah enam
5.40 jam/pukul lima lewat empat puluh menit jam/pukul enam kurang dua puluh menit
5.45 jam/pukul lima lewat empat puluh lima menit jam/pukul enam kurang seperempat

Second, remember that in telling the time, you should be aware that Indonesian commonly tells the hour first then followed by the minute - the reversed version of English. Some terms that you should recognize are:

tepat / pas the minute hand points at 12 5 o'clock 5.00
seperempat quarter quarter to two - quarter past two 1.55
setengah the minute hand points at 6 half past two 1.30
lewat past half past two 1.30
kurang to ten to five 4.50

Time Zone: WIB, WITA, WIT

Indonesia has 3 time zones - WIB ("Waktu Indonesian Barat"), WITA ("Waktu Indonesia Tengah"), and WIT ("Waktu Indonesia Timur"). The west part (WIB) has one hour time difference with the central part (WITA) and the central part (WITA) has 1 hour time difference with the east part (WIT). Here are the geographical distribution:

  • WIB covers the left end of the map until Central Kalimantan and East Java
  • WITA covers North Kalimantan, South Kalimantan and Bali to North Sulawesi, Southeast Sulawesi, and East Nusa Tenggara
  • WIT covers Maluku to the right end of Indonesia (Papua)