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Thank You in Indonesian Vernaculars

Thank you is an expression that is commonly expressed in every country. In bahasa Indonesia, people have some expressions that are usually spoken. Given the fact that most Indonesians use vernaculars (local language) in their daily interaction, it is better for you to at least recognize how to say the magic spell called thank you in various vernaculars in order to make your existence become more acceptable.

Formal and less formal expressions

Here are some formal and less-formal expressions that you can use.

  • Terima kasih banyak - Thank you so much (FORMAL)
  • Terima kasih - Thank you (FORMAL)
  • Makasih - Thanks (LESS FORMAL)
  • Trims - Thanks (Less Formal)

When speaking in both formal and less formal situations with Indonesian, using the above expressions are enough. Most people will easily understand those common expressions. However, when you are in rural area, some people may not understand it or they may feel those kinds of expressions less sensible (does not hit their heart) as they use vernacular in their daily interaction. Here are the magic spell of saying thank you in some area in Indonesia.

Makassar Tarima kasi
Toraya/Toraja Kurre sumanga'
Java Maturnuwun (formal), suwon (less-formal)
Sunda Hatur nuhun
Bali Matur suksema, suksema
Palembang Mokase
Manado, Gorontalo Makase
Padang Tarimo kasi
Flores Tima ti'i woso
Papua Amanai
Aceh Teurimong gase
Riau Tegimakase
Madura Sakalangkong
Pulau Nias Sauwegele
Batak Mauliate