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Resource: beginner

Bermain Hujan

What's up, Englinesians? Are you doing good? I hope so. In this resource, I provide a passage which is a short story for you to 'self-guided' learn. Literally, the title of this passage means "playing under the rain. Indonesia has only two seasons, the rains and summer. The former is the one you will read.

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Hobi dan Cita-cita

Howdy, Englinesians?! In this resource, you will be reading a passage entitled "hobi dan cita-cita" which literally means hobbies and ambition.

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Perkenalan di Bandara

Howdy, Englinesians?! Is everything good as expected? In this post, you will read an example of conversation. This conversation is written in less formal structure. Read more

Hobi Memancing

In this resource, we will have a passage, to help you learn bahasa Indonesia, about hobby. Everyone has at least a hobby, isn't it?! What about you, Englinesians? Do you have a hobby? First of all, let me tell you a story about my hobby. Read more