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Resource: intermediate

Gelisah Menghadapi Ujian

What's up, Englinesians? Are you doing good today? In this resource, I present a simple short story for you who want to learn bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian). The short story consists of 448 words and is aimed at beginner level. The short story contains some simple questions to test your comprehension.

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Kecanduan Permainan Daring

In this resource, we well learn Indonesian through a passage entitled "addicted to online game". This passage is for intermediate level learners. I hope you can benefit from this passage - enhance your Indonesian vocabulary and acquire Indonesian grammar. Let's get it started!

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Mendaki Gunung

In this resource, we will have a passage, to help you learn bahasa Indonesia, about hiking. Indonesia has many mountains that are beautiful. Have you ever hiked a mountain, Englinesians? Do you love hiking? Lets learn bahasa Indonesia through this passage. Read more