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Resource: Upper-advanced

Musim Penghujan dan Sejuta Kedamaian

Hello Englinesians! In this resource, Englinesian provides a short story entitled "Musim Hujan dan Sejuta Kedamaian" that in English means "rainy season and a million of peace". This short story is composed by using formal language which is best for you who are in upper-advanced level.

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Belajar Bahasa Indonesia Secara Mandiri

In this resource, you will be reading a passage entitled "Belajar Bahasa Indonesia Secara Mandiri" that literally means "Learn Indonesian Autonomously". This passage is especially created for upper-advanced level because I put some low-frequency vocabulary on it. Let's enjoy the passage!

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Keberagaman Masyarakat Indonesia

Howdy, Englinesians? I present a passage entitled Keberagaman Masyarakat Indonesia especially for you. This passage is created for advanced to upper-advanced level. If this passage is translated into English, the English tittle should be Diversity of Indonesians. Let's learn bahasa Indonesia with Englinesian. Read more

Bahasa Inggris di Indonesia

Howdy, Englinesians?! Are you doing good today? I hope so! In this resource, you will read a passage entitled "Bahasa Inggris di Indonesia". If you think the level of this article is difficult, read English in Indonesia which addresses the almost similar points. In this resource, I will let you know the actual status of English in Indonesia.

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